Your Packing and
Fulfillment Experts

Multipack Group are the North West’s contract packing, fulfillment and eCommerce experts.

Pick and pack, fulfillment and dealing with dispatch agencies are time-consuming processes that require adequate space and specialist equipment to be competitive. The Multipack Group help time-poor SMEs with limited resources to grow by handling and managing their fulfillment.



We integrate with all major eCommerce platforms, giving a seamless flow of orders.


Marketplace integration gives you the opportunity create a hassle free passive income.


We use reliable, dependable shipping partners to create a great customer experience

How Can Outsourcing Help You?

You might have a cottage industry business that has outgrown its facilities, but renting or buying larger premises is out of reach, or just too daunting. You could be a sole trader juggling administration and business management with the pressure of dispatching orders efficiently and within specified timescales.

You could be apprehensive about undertaking, or progressing, an eCommerce business because you don’t have the expertise, equipment or staff to facilitate it. Outsourcing your packing and fulfilment operation to Multipack Group takes away the headache and responsibility of fulfilling orders for your customers.

  • • eCommerce fulfilment
  • • FBA prep service
  • • Cello wrapping
  • • Shrink wrapping
  • • Label application
  • • Product assembly and re-working
  • • Warehousing and distribution
  • • Liquid filling
  • • Hand pick and packing

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