Crown Paint Case Studies


As part of our on-going involvement with one of the UKs leading paint manufacturers, we were commissioned to fill tester pots for two new products to complement their existing portfolio of product. Our client very much wanted us to develop the most cost-effective solution to meet the specific demands and requirements of the project.

The project consisted of filling the tester pots, random weight-testing to ensure regulatory standards were maintained and the application of a wrap-around label and batch code to each pot.

Tester Pot

R & D:

In order to complete this new project efficiently, we tested a variety of filling equipment to see which would be more suited to our requirements. In order to make sure that our client was also happy with the equipment we were planning to use, they were also in attendance during the testing process. Once we had selected our preferred equipment, we purchased two units to ensure that we had the capacity to meet our clients tight deadlines.

The same process was followed to assess the suitability of an in-line inkjet printer that would be used to add a batch number to the base of each pot.


The Project:

After the initial consultation, the project was:
• Fill tester pots of premium paint.
• Securely apply lid.
• Palletise product ready for shipping.


QC Processes:

• Periodic weight testing to ensure the product was filled correctly.
• Periodic visual checks of the packaging.
• Periodic testing of lids to ensure they were correctly installed.
All the QC processes are documented.

This is an ongoing project. We now provide more services to this client.

Why Multipack Group?

Multipack Group is a very friendly company to do business with and have a "Can Do Attitude" I would not have an issues recommending them.


We delivered a high-quality solution for our client, work commenced within a few weeks of the initial enquiry and during the course of the project we filled almost 700,000 pots!
Our client was delighted with the results, the quality standards were of the highest order throughout the duration of the work and it was completed to deadline.


Client’s View:


Liquid Filling Tester Pots

Liquid Filling Machine

Tester Pot