Case Study Product re-Work


We were initially asked to quote on a very time sensitive project which involved re-working, re-labelling and repairing 200,000 blister packed toy cars and tanks.

As this was a time sensitive project with a very fast turnaround time, we prepared the quote within an hour and prepared the staff and work station ready for the project, as the stock would arrive later that day and needed turning around within days.


The Project:

After the initial consultation, the project was:

• Sorting toys into types, visually inspecting them and removing fauly ones.
• Repair the faulty ones using a hot melt glue gun.
• Re-label them with a barcode and EC number.
• Re-stick blister to the backing card of any damaged packaging.
• Collate them into boxes of 20.
• Palletise ready for shipping.


As part of the process we used strict quality control processes. These included:

• Check toys for faulty toys and place ready for repair.
• Tests and visual checks on all the repaired toys.
• Visual checks of the final product at regular interval..

Why Multipack Group?

"We approached Mulitpack Group several years ago. We were looking for a UK based specialist cello wrap company and not only did they take care of that but were able to resolve a number of other requirements we needed help with."


We completed the project well within the tight time frame set by the client.

Our great customer service along with our fast turnaround time and dedication to our QC processes has meant that we have been able to secure further work through this client.


Client’s View:

“We initially outsourced this job because it needed to be done quickly. We didn’t have the capacity to undertake this job in house in the time frame required. So, we approached Multipack Logistics to see they could help. The response was great, we had a quote within the hour which was very reasonable. The very next morning they had our stock and started the work. The job was done on schedule and we had no problems with the product. I would have no problems recommending Multipack Logistics to any of my connections.”