What is Cello Wrap?

Cello (cellophane) wrap is used as a plastic outer cover that gives your products a high-quality look and finish. The products are fed by a conveyor belt into the machine where the film is automatically folded around the product like a parcel, and heat-sealed across the underside.

What are the main industries that Cello Wrap there products?

Cello wrap is not limited to particular industries, but there are some sectors where cello wrap is more widely used.

Cello wrapping Beard Oil

Cello wrapped CDs

Cello wrap machine

Cello Wrapping E Cig

What about the environment?

We now offer a certified compostable cello wrap material called Natureflex. It comes from renewable resources and has all the great qualities of it's plastic counterpart.

What makes Multipack Group different?

Our highly trained operatives produce some very special finishes to our customers’ products, setting them apart from their competitors’ non-wrapped goods. We can also include a tear-tape option, in any colour you require, for that extra touch.

We strive to be an environmentally friendly company, so we now offer Natureflex, a certified compostable cello wrap material. It is derived from renewable resources and offers the same great benefits of its plastic counterpart.

Do you offer any other services I may be interested in?

Yes..... We offer all the services associated with Contract Packers such as: Batch coding, product assembly & re-work, shrink wrapping, liquid filling, label application. We also offer media duplication and replication.