Our cello wrapping service is perfect for media products, including CDs, DVDs and games. Media and gaming are aesthetic industries, so product presentation is key.

Whether you need a one off sample or a large volume run, we can offer the flexibility you need to meet media and gaming customer demands during busy periods. Our expert team provides a fast turnaround time to get your media products to shop shelves as fast as possible.

Cello wrapping is a great, cost efficient way to make your product look great for consumers. We now offer fully compostable, bio-degradable cello wrap, to can help with going green.  

Cello wrapped CDs    Cello wrap machine

Cello wrapping CDs     Cello wrapping Machine

We take our role as professional contract packers seriously and as such we offer several services to support the process of packaging your product. Why not let us help a bit more, our label application service can help with pricing and special offers to help your product stand out. Our batch coding service are great for keeping track of your product and keeping everything in order. Alongside our liquid filling service, we can help ensure that your media product gets the care it deserves.