What is Cello Wrapping?

Cello (cellophane) Wrapping, is an automated process used to apply a plastic film around a carton.

Not only does this provide a protective coating, It gives the high end quality finish and feel you desire.

Cello wrap is not limited to particular industries, but there are some sectors where cello wrap is more commonly used. Including; Perfumes, tobacco, food, hair & beauty and cosmetics.

What Makes Multipack Different

Our highly trained operatives produce some very special finishes to our customers’ products, setting them apart from their competitors’ non-wrapped goods. We can also include a tear-tape option, in any colour you require, for that extra touch.

Environmentally Friendly

We strive to be an environmentally friendly company, so we now offer a certified compostable and biodegradable cello wrap material by NatureFlex.

It is derived from renewable resources and offers the same great feel and finish of its plastic counterpart.

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