Label Application

Using our automatic over label machines we are well versed in all aspects of label application. There are some occasions were labelling can only be done by a human to ensure the precision and quality your product deserves. Multipack Group has the knowledge and flexibility to assess your product to determine the most appropriate way to proceed.

Info and Benefits

• Can be used to hide misinformation and add barcodes.
• Hand or machine applied as needed.
• Re-branding labelling.
• Fast turn around times.

Whether re-branding your existing product, adding special offer labels, changing barcodes or affixing security labels, you can be sure that we have the equipment and people to ensure that your labelling needs are covered, regardless of whether the product is a box, tin, jar or flat sheet.

Our overlabeling services are perfect for

Bar-coding imported stock. Adding Price or Special Offer labels. Re-branding exercises. Re-labelling imported goods
For more information on our label application services please call a member of our team on 01254 706316.

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