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Case Study: Duplicate and print 2,000+ CD's and wallets per month-mail out to end user


We were initially asked to quote on a project which involved duplicating and printing 2,000 CDs along with printing artwork on cases. Outsourcing this process freed up time to concentrate to Info Sound’s core work of procuring the audio material. As Info Sound are a registered charity, we had a keep the cost down as much as possible and worked with Info Sound to this end.


The Project:

After the initial consultation, the project was:
• Duplicate and print around 2,000 CDs per months
• Print all artwork for wallets
• Put CDs into wallets
• Distribute using Royal Mail to provided mailing list


Why Multipack Group?

"Having worked with Multipack Group before in the commercial audio sector, I knew of their reliability and affordability."

QC Process:

• Undergo cyclic redundancy check.
• Visually check the artwork to ensure quality,
• Periodic visual check of the final product.


We now offer an efficient, cost effective solution to Info Sound’s initial enquiry.
We have now been working with for Info Sound for over 3 years. We now duplicate ad print 2000+ CDs per
month along with printing the Wallets. We also distribute them as required using Royal Mail.
As Info Sound are a registered charity, we are constantly reviewing our processes to keep it very cost effective.