POS Fulfilment

Multipack Group specialise in the design, supply and fulfilment of Point of Sales material

Using our 30+ years of experience we are in a unique position to provide the very best in concept, supply, fulfilment and implementation of your POS project. Our POS management is tailored to work closely with all our clients to ensure campaigns are rolled out as smoothly and effectively as possible while keeping a high standard of quality.

• Dedicated POS collation and construction area.
Hand finishing and assembly.
• Automated stock control.
• Bulk storage, fulfilment and distribution capacity.
• Stringent quality conrol procedures.
• Variety of delivery options. 
• Single point of contact, giving you a personal customer service experience.

POS Fulfilment at Multipack Group

Our extensive experience working with high end brands re-enforces our ability to provide the quality service your brand deserves.  

For more information on POS Fulfilment please call a member of our team on 01254 706316.