Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrapping is one of the most versatile and effective methods of tamper proof packaging available

Shrink wrapping is a process where a plastic film covers the product. It is then heated up, either by going through a heat tunnel or using a heat gun, then shrinks to the contours of the product it surrounds. This is a high speed and cost-effective process. It is suited to products that are not able to be cello wrapped due to size constraints, unusual dimensions or required finish.

• Easy way to bundle multiple items together.
• Effective protection for your product.
• Very cost effective.
• Enhanced look to packaging.
• Helps to tamper proof the product.
• Durable packaging.

At Multipack Group, we offer a comprehensive shrink wrapping service with products of all shapes and sizes. This is an ideal way to collate several items in to one product for special offers and multi-buy promotions. Our highly experienced staff will be able to assess your product and offer you the best solution for your product wrapping requirements.

Shrink Wrapping is suitable for:

Special Offers
Board game boxes
Gift sets

For more information on shrink wrapping for call one of our team on 01254 706316.